Greetings, fans of Moebius Adventures!

sorryI must apologize for the lack of anything new on the product front for a while. The holidays were rough for me this year – I’m not sure whether it was a particularly bad bout of Seasonal Affective Disorder, the reminder of a friend I lost 15 years ago, or just me being tired at the end of a long year. Whatever it was, it kicked my butt.

This week I’m out of town for work – my once-a-year trip to meet up with coworkers (I work from home) from around the world and discuss the crises of the day. This year I find myself in another part of the world entirely and I’m hoping that reinvigorates me a bit. You’ll probably hear about it in new posts over the next few weeks.

It’s not that I don’t have ideas – I have tons. And I had a fantastic 2014 thanks to all of you. (So thank you very much once again!) I just need to pull myself together and get some writing done. Last year I more than doubled my product count. I doubt that I can repeat the feat, but I think I have some fun ideas to release into the wild. More than enough to keep me busy.

So please bear with me as I bounce back from the holidays and my work trip – I anticipate February being the first time you’ll see anything new (beyond blog posts like I’ve been doing so far in 2015). But stuff is forthcoming! I promise!

Hopefully you are all having a fantastic year of gaming so far! I can only hope to contribute to it sooner than later!

–Fitz (Stuck in the Loop for a bit!)

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