Announcing Little Spaces: Gruesome Graves

Graveyards figure prominently in many of the great campaigns of my past. Clues have been found. Meetings have been had. And battles have been waged. Even in real life I have explored more than a few, taking stock of some of the monuments that have survived a century or more in some places. So I thought it was high time to release a product that offered a bit of inspiration to a GM in a pinch for location or encounter ideas.

Little Spaces: Gruesome GravesThus… Little Spaces: Gruesome Graves was born!

Like other Little Spaces products, Gruesome Graves offers a basic three step process to kick start your creativity.

  1. Determine the sense (or senses) to use to describe the element.
  2. Figure out which element you are going to describe.
  3. And pick a descriptive term for each sense you are using to describe the element.

The reason this works so well is that it forces you to use a different sense than you might rely on regularly. Most of my descriptions were very visual before I utilized this method. Now the mix of sensory inputs forces my imagination to get into spaces I wouldn’t normally explore.

Let’s walk through an example… If I start with these three elements:

  • Touch
  • Crypt
  • Broken

I might end up with something along the lines of:

“The crypt before you has suffered some serious damage and you doubt it was due to old age. The stones appear cracked and broken as though bashed over and over again with a blunt weapon. As you run your hands over a few of the indentions left behind, you can feel the small raised symbol of a sword and ankh where the hits were hard enough to transfer such details to the granite now piled all around you. Something escaped with an enormous strength or a powerful weapon and it’s out here now…”

It’s available today via DTRPG, RPGNow, Paizo, and d20pfsrd. So pick up a copy to inspire a few more creepy encounters near these places of the dead!

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