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No matter how many rounds of ammunition you take with you on a mission, there’s always a chance you are going to run out. That’s why Acumen Ammunition has taken things a bit further to make sure you hardly ever run out.

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Welcome to the Acumen Portable Ammo Foundry . With this tool in your arsenal, you have the ability to print standard ammunition for a variety of cartridge-loaded weapons. Each Acumen Foundry Reload can be made into as many as 100 rounds.

The Foundry comes with a standard array of patterns ready to forge. And each Reload has 100 production slots ready to use.

  • Pistol rounds take 1 slot each and can be manufactured in 2 combat turns (12 seconds)
  • Pulse and Sniper Rifle rounds as well as Shotgun Shells take 2 slots each and can be manufactured in 4 combat turns (24 seconds)
  • Additional ammunition modifications can be made, requiring one additional slot — these may not be mixed; only one modification per round

Our standard patterns produce:

  • Standard DSF-issue Pistol rounds: 100 rounds in 6 minutes
  • Standard DSF-issue Pulse Rifle rounds: 50 rounds in 24 minutes
  • Standard DSF-issue Shotgun shells: 50 shells in 24 minutes

You may preload the Foundry to add these modifications

  • Depleted Uranium rounds (+2 damage per round) (example: 33 pistol rounds or 20 rifle rounds)
  • Explosive rounds (+4 damage per round) (example: 20 sniper rifle rounds or shotgun shells)

Acumen does not guarantee that weapons firing rounds with additional capabilities won’t damage the weapon, but do recommend additional care and maintenance to avoid any long-term damage.

The Acumen Portable Ammo Foundry is not portable and must be mounted to a vehicle or table for effective use. Likewise, Foundry Reloads are not recommended for carrying on your person; vehicle transport is strongly suggested.

Acumen production of these tools is ramping up on Mars and should be available Dominion-wide in the next 12-18 months.

See your Acumen Dealer today!

The Acumen Portable Ammo Foundry will be found in an upcoming supplement for Aliens & Asteroids: Fell Duinn. Stay tuned for more!

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