Amazing Response to Sample Adventure…

Hi all…

I just wanted to thank everyone for the great response to the Sample Adventure I published back on October 25. In 8 days, it’s been downloaded more than 50 times from RPGNow and DriveThruRPG!

That’s a great response for a little unknown company like Moebius Adventures!

I hope that the response is even 1/10th as great when the Core Rules book is released in a few weeks. We may even be able to release it early if all goes well with Lulu!

So thanks again for the great response and thanks to Zack and the rest of the OneBookShelf folks who helped with the distribution process!

And if you’re one of the 50+ folks who have grabbed the Sample Adventure, let us know what you think! Drop us an e-mail at or post a message on the forum!

Have a great weekend!


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