Alignments and Attitudes, Part 2

Welcome again fellow adventurers! Let’s continue or look at Alignments and Attitudes.

Thank you for all who have read and discussed the last article about Lightside Alignments and Attitudes. I hope that there will be some discussion again on these Attitudes. I do realize that this does have similarities with Palladium’s system and there is no doubt that the West End Games’ Star Wars also influenced me. This is an idea to get people thinking of ways to use Alignments and Attitudes for direction in roleplaying their characters.

In the square brackets you will see things like “[(CN w/lg) (2 LS, 2 NS, 1 DS )]” as noted in the Scoundrel Attitude. This means in the D&D schema the character is Chaotic Neutral with lawful and good tendencies. As for the second set of brackets that is making reference to Traits which will be coming in an article very soon.

Let’s dive in and get going with the Neutral guys.


A Neutral character’s personality is roughly balanced between the Light, Neutral, and Dark traits with none truly having dominance. Such characters are neither strongly good nor strongly evil. They quite readily fit into one of the following attitudes.

Neutral Attitudes

Egalitarian: “All beings have a right to their own views.” She champions the underdog as long as their causes have good intentions. She believes in fairness and equality for all. Unfortunately the causes she champions may not always be the best for society. [(N w/lg) (2LS, 3 NS)]

scaleScoundrel: This unprincipled but good person tends to be selfish, holding his personal freedom and welfare above almost everything else. He dislikes confining laws, self-discipline and distrusts all authority. He is always looking for the best deal, associates with all types, is always tempted to lie and cheat, and hates himself for being loyal and helping others. [(CN w/lg) (2LS, 2 NS 1 DS)]

Self-Centered: “What’s in it for me?” is his watchword. Like the lightside attitudes, tends to have high regards for life and freedom. He may be friendless and a mercenary, but once he gives his word or loyalty, he does not go back on it. [(N w/g) (2 LS, 3 NS)]

Naturally Balanced: She lives according to a strict personal code of ethics and is an individualist who works for the common weal of all living creatures. Although she may not work within the law, she also knows that when evil or chaos reigns that many will suffer needlessly. [(TN) (1 LS, 4 NS)]

Philosophical: He is committed to being neutral. Law, chaos, good, evil are all dangerous Alignments in extremes and cause pain. He is not personally committed to extremes in any abstract or universal way. He advocates the middle way as the best and balanced way in the long run. [(TN) (1 LS, 4 NS)]

Undecided: This person does what seems to be a good idea. Extreme morals (Law, chaos) and ethics (good, evil) fight too much and you want less fighting and arguing. They favor law and good over chaos and evil but have a lack of commitment to the Alignment extremes or have a bias towards neutrality. [(TN) (1 LS, 4 NS)]

Next Time

The Darkside Attitudes and Alignments!

Keith R. Byers, A.Sc.T., Esq.

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