Aliens & Asteroids: The Third Public Playtest, Pt 4

So to recap our third session:

  1. We gained a new player! Yay! And our brave heroes were called by the Drs. Roberts on Luna, who had found what they thought was some sort of hidden Grey Man base on Mimas, a moon of Saturn. (Part 1)
  2. They arrived on Mimas, were taken prisoner by the Grey Men, and then managed to break out of the prison. (Part 2)
  3. They made a new friend when they released a Skaali named Bob and helped him break out, though Bob was taken into custody by the DDS when they finally got a ride home. (Part 3)

What did I learn from all of this? A few things.

  • We needed a new attribute – Awareness. It became painfully obvious that using Presence checks for things like listening or finding things didn’t work. So Alan and I immediately added a new attribute to handle all sensory-types of checks.
  • As a result of adding Awareness, I needed to go back through all the potential checks we rolled and figure out what the better way to handle them might be. That actually turned into a great writing session where I wrote down a ton of ideas and just figured out attribute after attribute that would be used for them. VERY useful.
  • I also added a new idea for these characters, determining their Origin. Where were they from? Earth? Mars? The Asteroid Field? Beyond? Each would have a different attribute bonus that they could choose as almost a “racial bonus” in a D&D sense.
  • I wasn’t quite sure where to take the story from here. My introduction of the Skaali left a lot to be desired. They are actually a ton of fun and speak in 80s and 90s TV quotes from shows like The Simpsons and Seinfeld, so it would have been entertaining to really push that to the limits.

I did have some hooks to figure out. With both the Greys and the Skaali in play, the heroes’ friend Bob would become a pawn in opening a dialog between the Dominion and the Skaali. After all, Dominion troops rescuing a Skaali prisoner from the Greys was a gold mine!

The Dominion Diplomatic Corps (DDC) saw it as an opportunity to open a dialog with the Skaali who only recently stopped shooting at Dominion forces over the contested territory of the planet Venus. And the Skaali agreed, after they spoke to their freed prisoner. But on one condition… That the human team that freed him be at the proceedings.

And that’s where we’ll pick up the next time!

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