Aliens & Asteroids: The Third Public Playtest, Pt 3

Once the heroes were freed from their cells in the weird prison of the Grey Men, they plotted ways to escape. But first, they released the lizard alien down the hall. They learned his name was Bob, he was a Skaali, he could read galactic, but couldn’t speak it. And within moments they were off and running.

Gray Man in Space – Peter Saga

From the unconscious guards, they collected three shock guns and shock batons, tucked them away out of sight, and headed for the door that led out of the prison block. Peering through the small window in the door, they could see a lone Grey staring at them, terrified.

Buddy decided to spring into action in his own unique way. He went down the hall, grabbed one of the unconscious guards, and banged him on the door a few times as if to say “See! This is what we’ll do to you, too!” And as the unconscious alien’s hand passed in front of the door, it opened.

The scared alien ran, which was a wise idea.

Inside the guard station, the Technician hacked into the computer system and Bob helped the translate what they found. Handily, they discovered a schematic for the level and determined that the only way out was an elevator on the other side of a command center.

Over the course of the next few minutes, they hacked the system and pointed the wall turrets at the armed guards in the next room. They ran away. Apparently the Grey Men prize survival above all else. The party opened the door, discovered their stuff in a storage room, and donned their equipment.

Before they were done, they used the Grey’s technology against them, firing the guns in the elevator room at the new guards trying to come out of the elevator. Though a few got shot, they wisely closed the doors and went back to whatever floor they came from.

The next bit was determining how they would get up to the next level and then get all the way out of the facility one level up from that.

Eventually they called the elevator down (it was empty) and went through the panel in the top. One of the marines with shaped charges planted them on the inside of the elevator doors at the top and they blew the doors, managing to kill most of the armed aliens. Unfortunately the door blew across and destroyed the elevator going to the surface.

They rounded up all the non-combatant Greys, knocked them out, and locked them in a room. And then they used the communication equipment to figure out that they had been gone 25 hours, which meant they missed their ride home.

They spent the next few hours relaying communications back to BII. They called back to the Drs Roberts at BII and they sent a ship to get them. As a result of their cooperation, the corporation ended up with a mess of laser rifles, stun guns, and stun batons, plus grey armor from the soldiers. And I don’t think our poor Technician ever got a chance to analyze all the goodies they retrieved.

Unfortunately, that same ride that eventually took them back to Luna also held a number of heavily armed guards who took Bob, the Skaali, into custody. It was the Dominion Defense Service (DDS) acting on orders from the Dominion Diplomatic Corps (DDC). Apparently they were going to turn this whole event into a platform for negotiating with the Skaali.

But we’ll cover that another time. Next time we’ll go over a few lessons learned during this playtest!

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