Aliens & Asteroids: The Third Public Playtest, Pt 2

In the last post, we talked about adding a new player to the mix, Shannon, who created a new Medic character for the unit. And they were headed to Mimas, one of Saturn’s moons where some data recovered from the abandoned Grey Man asteroid belt hinted at a Grey presence there.

The dropship dropped them off about 2km outside the coordinates, but they didn’t see anything obvious on their distant scans. Their hike in, slow and careful, was uneventful and before long they came upon a freestanding elevator on the spot. Sean and Victoria were not without some burly Marine back-up, so their friends Jennifer and Buddy tagged along in heavily-armored fashion.

There were no obvious controls on or around the elevator. Just two closed doors in a small building.

Buddy, with his handy combat knife, wedged the blade between the doors, triggering some sort of vibrations that knocked him out. Soon after, a second wave of vibrations emanated from the elevator, taking out the other Marine and the Technician. The Medic decided to remove the knife from the doors and watched as the doors opened, with five heavily-armed Grey Men inside. She raised her arms to surrender and was shot three times with a weapon of strange design.


They all woke up in cells, stripped to their clothes, with no equipment. The Technician and Medic in one cell and the two Space Marines in another. And some kind of lizard-like alien in a third down the hall.

Sean & Victoria explored the room and discovered a force field was blocking the doorway, preventing their exit. But it did not prevent them from speaking to their friends across the hall or attempt to contact the alien down the hall. He did not respond.

With little else to do, the Technician propped up the bed on the panel he found to the right of the door, placing a foot of the bed frame on the panel itself. He then tried to “pop” the panel open using pressure from the bed frame. He popped it open just a small amount the first time and when he did it again to open it further, he popped it back in.

At this point a grey guard came down the hallway and peered at him strangely. He responded by shaking the bed frame and jabbing it at the ceiling. The alien shook his head and walked away.


Now that they knew how to open the panel, they told their friends across the hall what to do and Buddy made it work in one attempt, proudly showing the panel he’d removed. Then Jennifer reached into the panel and zapped herself into unconsciousness.

Seeing that result, the Technician and Medic disassembled the bed to build a better toolset for opening the panel. Eventually they levered it open, then used the bed’s blanket as a brief insulator so they could reach in and pull out one of the glowing wires. Though the blanket caught on fire, the shield at the door dropped.

Soon after, the guard came back for another patrol. The tech swung at him with a piece of the bed frame. The medic punched him. He pulled out a shock baton and narrowly missed, yelling at them in some strange language. The two attacked again and knocked the weapon out of his hand, then grabbed it and used it on him. He collapsed.

They told the big burly marine how to open the doors and about that time, they heard two more sets of footprints coming down the hallway. They dragged the unconscious alien into their old cell and hid in the one with the space marines. And when one popped his head into the cell, they clobbered him and zapped him with the shock baton…

The second one fired into the room and missed, then tried to run away. The medic chased him down and clobbered him.

What happened next? Tune in next time!

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