Aliens & Asteroids: The Third Public Playtest, Pt 1

So when the second session ended (the summary post is here), John’s Technician and Vernon’s Commander just had basic wrap-up to finish up. And when we started the third session, Vernon couldn’t join us, but John brought his girlfriend Shannon to play. And I’ll start off by saying it was definitely not my finest session, but we all had fun, so I must have done something right. 🙂

Creating the Third Character

Shannon created a Medic called Victoria Stone who was able to not only fix basic wounds (Bandages trait), but had some Hand-to-Hand skills as well. She turned out to be quite a spitfire in her very next session and added an intriguing counterpoint to John’s Technician. We had her character finished in about 10 minutes.

The new character replaced the medic we’d had as a NPC in the previous two sessions, so we spent a bit of time summing up all the odds-n-ends the party collected last time.

Finishing Adventure 2

Simply listing everything that the PCs had collected from the abandoned Grey Man base took a while. And then there was some debate in how to get it all back to the ship.

They had picked up:

  • Part of a wall-mounted laser turret (the barrel and a bit of the base where it attached to the wall from behind a sliding door)
  • Electronic junk left in crates
  • Medical bandages and disposable equipment
  • A can of something shiny and black (they decided it was explosive in nature because the medic took it and has a penchant for such things)
  • Data from a central terminal uploaded onto the tech’s personal device
  • Body of a deceased “gray man” alien – severely injured with several bullets, but a bullet to the forehead is the likely cause of death
  • Morgue drawer containing several human body parts (two legs, a bicep, and several organs — liver, heart, kidney)
  • The pried-off head of an android exhibiting a nanotech brain beyond what the tech has seen previously
  • The torso and arms of the same android, including a “gun arm” consisting of a laser pistol and a humanoid hand for manipulation

After some discussion, I reminded them about the boxes in one of the rooms, so they loaded up the crates and were going to use blankets to keep the stuff in when I also reminded them they had lids. 🙂

They were taken to the Luna base of Bennet Implementations, Inc. (BII) where they met the young man’s parents (Dr. HV Roberts and Dr. Mary Roberts) in a rushed exchange with absolutely zero meaningful dialog or reason to actually be. (Told you it wasn’t my finest session.) It should have been a much better exchange, since their son had just been murdered, apparently, by the Greys. As a result, they were directing their significant resources into getting revenge. Wouldn’t you?

The good Drs. Roberts said they would share information with the unit if they discovered anything on the data. The unit kept the electronic junk, medical equipment, and android body parts, but turned over everything else to the scientists.

Starting Adventure 3

After that, they had some downtime. So the technician worked on trying to attach his personal computer to the android head but didn’t get anywhere at first. Eventually he hooked it up and saw the same foreign writing that he ran into in the asteroid base.

He put in a call to the two scientists they’d met at the BII base and got a call back a couple of days later — they’d found some coordinates in the data — would they go on a “under the radar” mission to investigate? Sometimes the DSF did such missions for their corporate sponsors, so it was cleared with their chain of command (again, should have been better role-played).

They would be headed to Mimas, one of the smaller moons of Saturn. The Drs. Roberts believed that the Greys abandoned the asteroid base and headed to Mimas, so they wanted to see what was going on there. This would be a sanctioned, but secret mission bought off by the DSF authority but would be publicly disavowed if they were caught. As such, the team will be dropped off and picked up one orbit later (23 hours).

The mission: investigate, infiltrate, collect samples, data, and tech. Capture and interrogate any live greys if possible, but eliminate them before pickup.

The BII scientists did send along some nanite injections to improve their healing factors for 24 hours, so that might help.

What did they find when they arrived? Tune in next time!

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