Aliens & Asteroids: The Second Public Playtest, Pt 6

So after all of that with the mission to the grey’s abandoned asteroid base…

What did I take away from this playtest session as a designer and referee?

  • It was very easy to scale the adventure a bit to fit two PCs and two NPCs.
  • Had I increased the number of gun turrets in the entrance or doubled the android threat, there would have been more losses.
  • They ended up doing really well to get the data, technology, and biological samples. And I hurt a few of them in the process.
  • I liked how easy the opposed roll was between the android and the PC. That was awesome. And we did a lot of Education, Presence, and Accuracy rolls to have them figure out various things. They did try to decipher the glyphs but had no Language skills among them, so that didn’t work. I think if they had that they might have been able to get a bit further with the first part.
  • One of the things that came up was the details around the suits. Vernon asked if there was a visor or if they had to take off their helmets, and I said for now they had to take them off. Would be cool to see about suit design as a part of this…

Since this particular session happened way back at the end of August, I’ve had some time to reflect on a few additional things.

  1. I’m way too kind as a GM. Had I gone with my initial design for this adventure, I suspect I may have severely wounded if not killed a few of the characters very quickly.
  2. Even looking back at this session, I was getting more adept at choosing which attributes to use for various tasks. If a player wanted to attempt something, we simply figured it out along the way and if they got stuck, they could roll to get a bit of help from me as GM.
  3. Not since college had I had the opportunity to game with a unique individual like Vernon, but I was happy to see that gaming is gaming and I can still game with just about everybody. It gives me hope that I can run something live at a convention someday. 🙂

All of this has been VERY valuable experience for me for getting my “sea legs” back so to speak as far as running games more frequently. It’s been a long time since I’ve run anything weekly, but the 2-hour slots every week have been quite manageable.

Keep in mind, we played all the way through September and October into the first couple of weeks of November keeping that schedule. And the group grew! We’ll talk more about that in future posts.

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