Aliens & Asteroids: The Second Public Playtest, Pt 5

When the team opened the final door out of the meeting room, they knew they were in some sort of a lab. It had a terminal at the center and two more doors to check out…

Once inside, the technician headed straight for the terminal. Somehow (rolling a 1 on an Education check) he was able to discern just the right way to hook it to his portable computer and download all the data from the terminal in just a few minutes. And when it finished with a happy ding, they also heard something slam at the door across the room.

That definitely got their attention.

First they checked the door without something behind it. Like the door in the cargo area, it led to the void of space. They left that one, but they discussed possibly opening it to flush out whatever might be in the other room making the noise. Looking through the window on the last door, they saw three autopsy tables (attached to three cadaver drawers, like in a morgue), along with more medical supplies in the other corners.

*SCRAAAAAAPE* Just then, a robotic hand reached up and lifted an android torso high enough so the head  could look directly at the technician through the window.

Android Fight!

The tech got all excited. And then the other arm came up and shot the window. The window absorbed the blast, but the tech new it wouldn’t absorb another one, so he ducked down below the window. The android fired again, shattering the window, and dragged it’s non-weapon arm and head through the window behind it.

There was immediately a scuffle as the android crawled through the window. The medic grabbed the arm that came through and simply tried to hold it so it couldn’t get leverage to pull the torso through. There was an opposed roll between the medic and the android, based on Toughness. Amazingly, the medic beat the android.

Meanwhile, one of the space marines stands to one side of the door waiting to grab the weapon arm to keep it from shooting any members of his team. And while all of this was going on, the technician paused to examine the arm, head, and torso he could see (Education check at an Advantage from Robotics). He did not see anything really familiar — this was advanced technology — advanced nano-tech in fact. But then he saw the neck and torso, which was more traditional robotics technology.

With a snap decision, he decided to try and take the head off the torso while it was still somewhat wedged through the window.

John rolled an Accuracy roll and got a 20 — critical failure. As a result, he ended up helping pull the android through the window, and it shot the medic, causing 7 points of damage.

The marine who was waiting for the weapon arm was surprised at the sudden turn of events, but grabs the weapon arm and holds it tight. And from across the room, the commander makes a mad dive with his combat knife and stabs the android in the neck with a 1 Athletics check, severing a good portion of the neck.

Then the tech finishes the job, removing the head with a swift twist of a screwdriver, ending up with an advanced android head in his lap.

Battle done, they entered the morgue and began poking around. In one of the cadaver drawers, they found the body of a Grey Man that had been riddled with bullets and killed with a single shot to the head. In another drawer, they found an array of human body parts. In the supply cabinets they found standard medical tools like scalpels, syringes, and saws.

The medic took samples of the grey, DNA samples from the human parts, and they finished off their mission with a report to their superiors…

Next time, lessons learned!

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