Aliens & Asteroids: The Second Public Playtest, Pt 4

With the entrance to the Grey’s base behind them, our group of marines headed deeper into the old, abandoned station. What would they find? A conference table, a handful of tall office chairs, and three other doors.

The technician and the medic headed over to check the first door. It was blocked and locked. Through the tiny window they could see debris filling the entire corridor. Apparently the fail-safes were in place to keep that from opening.

While they were checking that door, the rest of the party, who had now removed their helmets. heard a noise coming from beyond the third door. THUNK-THUNK-draaaag. THUNK-THUNK-draaaag. Upon hearing that, Commander Aserious suggested that perhaps they should check the other door in the room first. The team agreed.

That door led eventually to a storage room containing a few crates. Several were already open, with bits and pieces of electronics and medical supplies (strange bandages) strewn about. They carefully examined one of the remaining, closed, crates. They picked it up and shook it to hear something rattling around inside. So of course they opened it with guns drawn in case there was an alien waiting to spring an attack. Turned out to be nothing more than a bunch of cans, tightly packed.

The medic examined them and took one. The cans were silvery with a black triangle on the label and written in the same language of glyphs that they’d found a few places. The technician laughed and suggested that perhaps the cans were full of some sort of explosive, which was one of the things the medic liked to play with. (Spoiler: Nope, they were a Grey energy drink!)

There was a door out of the cargo area, but it was sealed with the same fail-safes as the door in the conference room. Beyond, they could see that it opened to the vacuum of space, so opening this door was probably a bad idea unless they had their helmets on.

The third room they could see opened into a lab of some sort. They could see some sort of terminal at the center, plus two doors — but nothing that would have made the noise they had heard earlier. So they opened the door…


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