Aliens & Asteroids: The Second Public Playtest, Pt 1

What, you didn’t think we stopped at one playtest session for Aliens & Asteroids, did you? πŸ™‚

The first session we ran, I had a single player show up at my FLGS – Petrie’s Family Games. John was great, created a fun Technician character, and we had a fantastic time dealing with a hidden Grey Men base on the Moon. You can read all about that first session here – there are links to the five parts of that series in the final post.

So what happened in session #2? Would John show up again? Would there be any others? Funny enough, I ended up with a second note on our Facebook page hinting that I might have two.

Well, I did a bit of planning. Before starting the playtest series at Petrie’s, I came up with a short outline of adventures that would take our heroes through everything from character creation and dealing with some of the “lesser” enemy threats in the galaxy before giving them a glimpse of the Dread themselves. My hope was that this series of adventures might then serve as the starting point for a “season” of adventures that we could release for the game down the line.

The second rung in that ladder led our heroes to a lonely asteroid out in the Asteroid Field between Mars and Jupiter. One tiny, spinning stone amidst millions.

Why was this one special? We’ll come to that in a bit. πŸ™‚

The Second Player

Vernon arrived ready to hear what we were selling at the table. And within about 10 minutes, he was ready to go with a Commander Aserious. Yes, we had a serious commander on our hands, folks. πŸ™‚ He was focused on keeping his team focused and positive, directed at whatever problems they may be facing.

And it bears saying here that I might have been a bit skittish around Vernon’s boisterous personality, but we made it work. It’s been a long time since I’ve played with such an extroverted individual. Despite the fact that he was a bit of a character himself, that didn’t stop us from having a good time in the session. I think we all had a good time.

Session Intro

The session itself picked up on the heels of the first session encountering the Greys. Technician Samsonite and his team did their best, but were unable to save the poor victim who underwent various medical procedures at the hands of his captors.Β The Greys escaped, samples in hand, and the young man did not. During their escape, they triggered an explosive decompression of the habitat and their subject was left bleeding, semi-conscious, and without an environmental suit.

It turned out that he was the child of two scientists working with Bennet Implementations, Inc. (BII), and they wanted revenge. After putting out the word for any information leading to Grey activity in the Sol system, they heard from a member of the Excursori surveying one of the thousands of recognized floating quadrants in the Asteroid Field. Somehow that scout found what they thought was an abandoned Grey base.

After some quick negotiations with the squad’s higher-ups, they were sent in to investigate. At this point, the squad consisted of the Technician, a Medic, two Space Marines, and the new Commander. A Dominion Space Forces (DSF) dropship would deliver them to a distance of 1000m above the asteroid and then they were on their own…

We’ll see how well THAT went in the next post!


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