Aliens & Asteroids

Though we initially intended Aliens & Asteroids to be based on the Old School rules of Mazes & Perils, we changed course after several long design sessions and decided to make a new system that was more flexible and less cumbersome. The new system for A&A relies on more speedy mechanics using one or two d20s and a handful of d6s. As a result, combat and other task resolution situations go much faster and we can focus more on the fast and furious scenarios suggested by such movies as Aliens, pitting our heroes against aliens on hostile worlds light years from home.

Aliens & Asteroids will be Moebius Adventures’ first foray into the Science Fiction arena from a rules and adventures perspective, but we are excited to take on that challenge.

UPDATE: Our KICKSTARTER IS LIVE! Please check it out!

Until we are ready to release this new game to the world, be sure to keep up with all the blog posts we’ve written on various topics — setting, rules, design decisions, and more. You can check them all out here. 

Stay tuned for more information as it becomes available!

The Kickstarter is LIVE!