AetherCon 2015!

Last year I helped with the online gaming convention known as AetherCon and this year I’m helping once again!

ACIV 255x256On Friday, November 13th I am participating in these events…

  • 3-4:30pm EST – the panel “Movable Type: How to Self Publish” along with Chris Clark of Eldritch Enterprises and Kurt Patz of Chronos Publishing… Want to join us? Come sign up at Warhorn !
  • 5-6pm EST – come chat with me in a live Q&A about all things Moebius Adventures related! Please come join us and sign up at Warhorn !
  • 7pm-midnight EST – join us for some Conan-inspired madness as I GM the Moebius adventure – The Snake’s Heart! We’ll be using D&D 5e and are still looking for a couple of players. We’ll be using a combination of Roll20 and Google Hangouts, so sign up at Warhorn !

I’m not sure how the online game will go that night, but it ought to be interesting! I suspect it will be more Google Hangout than Roll20 and we’ll do a fair amount of “Theater of the Mind”, but we’ll make it work!!

If you’ve ever wanted to chat live, the Q&A is a great time to do so. I’m happy to answer any questions like:

  • Why do you do this?
  • What do you hope to achieve?
  • What crazy schemes do you have in store for us next?

If nothing else, I definitely encourage you to get a copy of the convention program. I helped with a couple of interviews. I had the chance to talk to JP Chapleau of First Ones Entertainment and Calvin Johns of Anthropos Games and get the scoop on all sorts of fun things they’re working on. But there are tons of other great interviews from folks at TSR/Gygax Magazine, Chaosium, FASA, Pinnacle Entertainment, and more!

Come join the madness at AetherCon… Last year I had a ton of fun hosting panels and participating, so I’m sure this year will be just as much fun.

Time is running out, but head to Warhorn  to sign up for the events I’ve listed and TONS more… Stay tuned to the AetherCon website for all the latest!


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