Adventurer, take this…

Sometimes the RPG Blog Carnival presents an opportunity I can’t pass up. This month, the folks at Rising Phoenix Games are hosting and the topic is… “Adventurer, take this…” And a few things immediately sprung to mind for Aliens & Asteroids.

The first thing is inspired by our current A&A referee, Kae. She has done a marvelous job of taking the setting, rewinding a few years, and adding a ton of fun new bits such as time travel, some fantastic new technology, and some aliens we have truly grown to loathe (as well as some that we just love).

Kae has this habit of throwing cool weapons into scenarios and letting us figure out what the heck they do. It’s essentially the “Big Red, Shiny Button” from Ren & Stimpy. We have had unique melee weapons, tools that don’t look like tools at all, and new grenades and ranged weapons that have been harrowing to figure out in the moment.

So for our first adventure thread, I’ll propose this:

Dominion Space Forces (DSF) Command issues this general order to your team. “Urgent. Weapon found while helping the Excursori on a mission and must be retrieved for analysis by Science Corps personnel. Touch base with Excursori on BANCE-11. Carefully collect and store item and return to Luna. Under no circumstances are you to attempt to use the weapon.”

What could possibly go wrong? Of course, the team runs into issues carrying out such a straightforward mission when they are harried by a group of Neogen or Grey Men also attempting to claim the weapon for study…

Photo by Jakub Novacek from Pexels

And for a second, how about this:

Dominion Signals Corps (DSC) has detected strange radiation emanations from a small moon orbiting Wolf 1061c. Though the Wolf system showed no signs of life decades ago in the first multi-system scan, this is the first time anything of interest has popped up in ages. Take your team and investigate. Locate the source of the radiation, determine intent, and collect readings or samples if possible.

Again, a simple mission can go wrong in many ways. Perhaps the Venandi are attempting to root out a Dread infestation or the Gollus are collecting something left behind and something unexpectedly woke up.

Sometimes it’s the seemingly innocuous adventure threads that lead to the most fun!

We’ll see if any other ideas come up over the course of the month!

In the meantime, be sure to check out the Rising Phoenix Games blog for other cool carnival posts!

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