About Moebius Adventures

Our Story

Moebius Adventures was born in the mid-90s from the minds of Sean Bindel and Brian Fitzpatrick, who were looking for something a little more flexible than the roleplaying game systems they’d been playing. Their initial RPG system broke attributes into three categories — Mind, Body, and Soul. The initial letters of those words became “Moebius” and those three concepts have made their way into everything since! Their initial efforts fell short, as POD capabilities were not quite where they needed to be, but the market has come a long way since then.

Unfortunately, Sean passed away in 2000 in an auto accident, cutting short the duo’s efforts at the time. It took a while, but Brian eventually re-lit the creative fire and found a new tribe that’s helping him finish some of the projects he started with Sean to keep their dream alive.

Since then, we have been working hard to honor the spirit of Moebius Adventures… creating rule- and genre-generic writing aids, random tables in the spirit of the old DMG from the early days of tabletop role-playing, and even an entire universe! We are well on our way to conquer genres and stories galore, and we hope Sean is smiling somewhere.

Thanks for dropping by! If you have any questions, be sure to drop us an e-mail at info(at)moebiusadventures(dot)com. (Or pop over to our Contact page for a quick way to reach out!)

Our Games and Products

We started off with products designed to inspire GMs and players — creating simple random tables and writing prompts to generate unexpected lines of thinking.

Then we got back to creating adventures.

And now we’re back to making games and game supplements again.

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