A Stroll Through the Medieval Market, Stall 8 (the final one!)

Finally in this market we have a cheese merchant. And yes, you’re probably wondering why there are two folks with cheese to sell and that was my thought as well. You’ll see how that played into this disgruntled individual… Whoever it is has to be annoyed that the person selling fresh produce also brought cheese!

  • Who? Female
  • Purpose? Seller
  • Product? Cheese
  • Success? Qualified failure
  • Transport? Foot with Cart
  • State of Mind? Shocked
  • State of Completion? Not quite done
  • Descriptor? Master

That led me to this…

nodanero-Cheese“Hanna walked several miles to be here this morning. She had negotiated for this stall with the market master weeks before. She pulled her cart with heavy cheese wheels, soft cheeses, and a crate of dried crackers from the baker. Her master, Tarrow, spent years perfecting his craft and now used his wives to distribute their goods to the world.

But when she arrived this morning, that… woman… was selling cheese on in her produce stall. Hanna was aghast. Were they consulted? Did the market master do this on purpose? Were the gods punishing her?

She had some luck with the foreigners. They were polite even if she could tell they secretly despised her, just like her sisters at home. But she shouted about the types of cheese to anyone who walked anywhere near. The baker even came to talk to her today and traded a cheese wheel for a loaf of bread and a crate of crackers. It was unusual that he would leave his stall, but it was still very nice to chat with someone other than her customers.

Tarrow would not be pleased with her progress however. More than half of what she had brought still sat on the table. What would he do upon her return?”

Apparently the area around town has some unique characters. Perhaps this Tarrow operates a cult where multiple wives is appropriate? Where does the cheese come in? Is it just a way to keep money in the cult coffers? Hopefully the woman will be safe upon her return… but it’s possible it’s something that comes up in conversation if a PC should ask…

All of the characters in this series will find their way into a bonus PDF that will come in a bundle if everything goes well. I hope to announce the availability of Insta-NPCs #10: Caveat Emptor next week in time for GenCon and all the madness that brings, so keep your fingers crossed!

In the meantime if you’re looking for more examples of what can be accomplished with this product? Check out some of the other folks in the market so far. Or look at the rest of the Insta-NPCs series for additional ideas!

If you’re looking for a great market map, don’t forget to check out the Medieval Market from DramaScape which is what I based these 8 NPCs upon!

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