A Stroll Through the Medieval Market, Stall 7

Up to now in the Medieval Market from DramaScape we’ve focused entirely on foodstuff, pottery, and fabrics, but nothing particularly stabby or violent as far as products. Today we’ll take care of that by dealing with a weapons merchant… tools, axes, some warhammers, a few knives. Doesn’t look like any swords or polearms of any type.

Let’s see what our dice have to say about this area:

  • Who? Undetermined
  • Purpose? Seller
  • Product? Weapons and tools
  • Success? Total success
  • Transport? Wagon (several)
  • State of Mind? Angry
  • State of Completion? Finished
  • Descriptor? Agent

What’s this guy’s story?

vector cold weapons outline set“Javek has been traveling in this region for weeks, attempting to sell his stock. Everybody wants a good blade, so those went first. Few people seem interested in the heavier items such as woodsmen axes, battle hammers, or even a well turned tool. Nobody was interested in craftsmanship these days – just how flashy a weapon¬†happens to be.

‘Hammers don’t need flash – they make a splash’ and ‘Be sure to axe your enemies lots of questions’ were some of his favorite lines to get attention in a crowded market – but today he was blessed with foreigners. A whole caravan of them!

In a single day, he managed to sell nearly half of what he had left. Many of the clients were looking for tools – pliers, saws, clamps – but a few were looking for good hammers to drive stakes into the ground as well as the occasional enemy. Nobody looks twice at a hammer propped up in a corner of the room…

His employers would be pleased – the Consortium would have a new shipment of items for him to sell soon. They would be pleased with what he’d accomplished in this part of the kingdom…”

So again, we have a local character who might have a connection to some outside organization. We don’t know anything about that organization – could be good or it could be bad – but it’s bigger than just this town. And this salesperson might appear in other towns with other items on board…

More fun questions to explore further!

Looking for more? Check out some of the other folks in the market so far. Or look at the rest of the Insta-NPCs series for additional ideas!

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