A Stroll Through the Medieval Market, Stall 6

Directly across from the produce and cheese seller is the butcher. We already have quite a few interesting characters for the PCs to deal with, so let’s see what the dice have to say about that particular stall here in the Medieval Market map from DramaScape

  • Who? Undetermined
  • Purpose? Buyer
  • Product? Meats (chosen, not rolled)
  • Success? Total Success
  • Transport? Animal Cart
  • State of Mind? Bitter
  • State of Completion? Finished
  • Descriptor? Schemer

In this case, we start with a buyer. Perhaps it’s time to learn about the brother in the caravan from out of town…

medieval-cooking“Happa was young, full of pride, and determined to do a fantastic job for the caravan master. He’d wheedled his way into the position preparing food for the entire company and now, at the halfway point, he wanted to not only resupply for the return trip but had a grand plan to throw a feast tonight so they would head back happy.

He’d left his sister Dorova back in camp preparing the basics for the meal, but needed a centerpiece. Something fantastic to act as the main course.

When the butcher, Bron, suggested a pair of huge roasts that had been curing just the right amount of time and would be perfect over an open flame… he knew that would be exactly what he’d been searching for. But his prices! Exorbitant!

Happa had done enough haggling in his short time to negotiate the big man down to a price Happa was more comfortable with. In fact, it was probably a steal at the price he’d worked him down to… They would be eating well tonight!”

Did Happa actually negotiate a good price? Or had he been sold on that meat like the inexperienced buyer he is? Let’s learn a bit about the butcher and find out!

  • Who? Male (chosen)
  • Purpose? Seller (chosen)
  • Product? Meat (chosen)
  • Success? Total Success
  • Transport? Wagon
  • State of Mind? Happy
  • State of Completion? Finished
  • Descriptor? Client

Some of this I suspected already, but the odd piece is the “client” angle.

Empire of the Ants - Joan Collins and Friend“Bron and his family have been butchering animals and selling meats in all their variety since the earliest days of the town. He knew all the tricks for trimming lower quality meats to make them look (and taste) their best. But occasionally he received… questionable meats from outside sources. Sure, he had the usual pigs, cattle, goats, and the like.. but today he had something truly special.

A pair of adventurers wandered in with a cart pulled by two large oxen reeking of more than a little desperation. They wanted to sell the creatures they’d slaughtered that were in the cart. They’d throw in the oxen and cart as part of the deal. But they knew he was a great butcher and would be able to do something with what they’d found.

Ants. The biggest damn ants he’d ever seen. Must have been parts of 5 or 6 of the monsters. He wasn’t sure what he could do with them, but once Bron pried off the exoskeleton, he found a pink, moist meat inside he was sure should not have been there.

Where did they find them? What were they? The men would share nothing but kept asking what Bron would pay… Eventually he gave them 100 gold – more for the oxen and the cart than the strange things inside. But he knew he had to do something with those things.

That very night he broke one open, carved up the meat inside, and roasted it. His wife wasn’t quite sure what it was, but it had a sweet texture and was very soft – not chewy like you might have suspected. They seasoned it and enjoyed it for a couple of nights.

Over the next few days, he sold chunks to several folks who came to the shop. But he was down to the last couple of roasts today in the market. Hopefully he could unload the last little bit and close this strange chapter on his life…”

That took a strange turn. Again, we have some interesting hooks. He sold products for some clients who brought him something unusual. He didn’t sell anything inedible. He sold something incredible.

Who knows where those ants came from – but I can bet you there’s a story there somewhere. And why did the “ant hunters” want to get rid of them so quickly? Is there someone looking for them? Will this come back to haunt Bron and then the people who ate the flesh of these creatures?

Lots of fun questions to explore!!

Looking for more? Check out some of the other folks in the market so far. Or look at the rest of the Insta-NPCs series for additional ideas!

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