A Stroll Through the Medieval Market, Stall 5

From the baker with murder in his heart, we travel back south and west to the booth selling cheese and produce. Let’s see what damage can be wrought here in the Medieval Market map from DramaScape

  • Who? Female
  • Purpose? Seller
  • Product? Cheese & Produce (chosen, not rolled)
  • Success? Qualified failure
  • Complete? Finished
  • Transport? Foot
  • State of Mind? Curious
  • Descriptor? Rushed

Fruit market with various colorful fresh fruits and vegetables

So we have a female merchant selling her wares…

“Salwa has been coming to this market for years. Now that the children are grown, they help out around the farm with her husband and she feels like she is able to safely leave them at home. Today’s customers however have her on edge. A boy, no older than her eldest, came looking for fresh produce and made eyes at the rounds of fresh cheeses she had available. He said he worked for the caravan with all those strange men, but she didn’t believe him – he was far too young for that kind of responsibility. Even so, he had money, she would walk home with a few coins in her purse and about half of the stock she brought to sell. It wasn’t an awful day. She could do better, but she felt uncomfortable with all those strange people around…”

Not all of these people have to have dark secrets. Salwa seems pretty normal to me. I think all markets need a few normal people. And I’ve established a link between her and the brother (Happa) who is managing meals for the caravan, so there’s that connection for folks to use.

Looking for more? Check out some of the other folks in the market so far. Or look at the rest of the Insta-NPCs series for additional ideas!

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