A Stroll Through the Medieval Market, Stall 3

Yesterday it was the poor fish vendor dealing with smelly products… Today we’ll work our way to the next stall in the Medieval Market map from DramaScape.

The third stall in the market (the one just south of the potter’s area and southwest of the fish stand) belongs to someone selling fabrics – tapestries. This one took an interesting turn.

  • Who – Alien
  • Purpose – Buyer
  • Product – Linens/Fabrics/Tapestries (not rolled, chosen)
  • Success – Total Failure
  • Transport – Caravan
  • State of Mind – Angry
  • State of Completion – Not quite done
  • Descriptor – Busy

nicubunu-RPG-map-symbols-a-caravanI’ve been hoping for some sort of customer encounter, so this might be a good combination. I like having some pre-made customer NPCs alongside the vendors so that the PCs have a good mix of folks to interact with should they choose to do so.

“Alien” in this case is simply going to be a foreigner. And traveling with a caravan, that works beautifully…

“Grobesh the Fabric Buyer from the Kingdom of Kresh has been stewing in his own juices for hours. His caravan master made it a point to stop in this back-water town to trade and he has found nothing worth his time. As the last stop on this journey before heading back to Benesh, this was his last opportunity to pick up cloth worthy of the royal family. And there was nothing here that was worthy of that noble cause.

He is far from his home in Benesh, the capital of Kresh and the point through which all new styles are made and killed throughout the world. Grobesh worshiped the ground his chief designer, Hauteri, walked on and hoped for any opportunity to impress her upon his return. But that simply was not going to happen with the shabby items here.”

Now I’ll use the same tables to come up with the stall owner…

  • Who – Undetermined
  • Purpose – Seller (chosen)
  • Product – Linens/Fabrics/Tapestries (chosen)
  • Success – Total Failure
  • Transport – Animal Cart
  • State of Mind – Isolated
  • State of Completion – Finished
  • Descriptor – Master

That led to…

misc-general-fabric“The stall owner was not here today. Nabbin instead sent his apprentice, Utto, with the day’s goods and strict instructions on how much to sell the various pieces for. She was nervous to start and was confronted right off by a group of local seamstresses seeking fabric for dresses they were making for a local wedding. They eventually left with their purchases, but were a bit frustrated by the young girl’s brusque manner.

What they didn’t understand was that Nabbin had essentially purchased the girl from her parents a few years before and Utto was little more than a slave. Sure, he called it ‘indentured servitude’ but it amounted to the same thing in her eyes. Though her master was ill and a monster, he told her if she did well today it would knock some serious time off her contract. He hadn’t lied to her yet, so she expected that would happen in the end.

The strange man in the turban, along with his other friends shopping today, didn’t make her any more comfortable. She knew the Kreshi people from what her mother had told her before she’d been sold… angry people rarely satisfied with anything who were far too happy to yell their displeasure at the world, regardless of any impropriety.

She would deal with the man pacing in front of her stall, but he might not like it.”

Very very interesting. Not only do we have the vendor in the stall, but we have a customer who was unhappy before even dealing with her.

This could be a great roleplaying opportunity. The PCs might stumble into a negotiation going poorly and attempt to help. They might use it as a chance to test their thievery on either the seller or the buyer. Or it could play into some larger event that we don’t know about yet.

This is all from two of dice essentially. And we have not only some faces in the marketplace that we could develop further, but the opportunity to use them both as stepping stones to elsewhere.

That’s what I love about this approach to randomizing writing prompts. I had no idea where I was going to end up, but I knew I would end up with good material nonetheless.

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