A Stroll Through the Medieval Market, Stall 2

Yesterday we started our stroll through the Medieval Market map from DramaScape with a visit to the potter’s stand. Today, we head over to the fish stall across from it…

  • Who: Female
  • Purpose: Seller
  • Product: Fish (not rolled, chosen)
  • Success: Qualified Failure
  • Transport: Animal Cart
  • State of Mind: Satisfied
  • State of Completion: Not quite done
  • Descriptor: Dull
The market across the street from Village of Pomerini - The seller of dried fish - Tanzania - Africa

The market across the street from Village of Pomerini – The seller of dried fish – Tanzania – Africa

That led me to this:

“Bruna Nete has a tough job. Every day her employer brings, by horse-drawn cart an hour or two after sunrise, a new batch of fish to sell in the market. Some fresh. Some preserved. All on their way to quickly becoming a smelly mess nobody wants to stand near. She does her best, but it’s a steep uphill battle.

Today it’s even tougher. The heat of the day combined with the already smelly catch of the day even got to her, creating a dull ache in her head. But she tells herself that every minute stuck among the stench is one minute closer to the end of her day in the market. It’s made even harder by the fact that the new guy selling pottery across the market has had more customers in the last two days than she gets on a good week!”

Poor Bruna. I wouldn’t want to mess with her. And I’m not sure where Falonde is, but it’s at least an hour away from the nearest fishing village.

Obviously I recommend the maps from the great cartographers over at DramaScape as well. They have some fantastic maps!

Next time we’ll see who’s prowling around the tapestry vendor… As we learned in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade… “this is a castle isn’t it? there are tapestries?” Perhaps you’re doing some interior decorating and you need a wall covering to take care of a nasty draft. 🙂

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