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Season 1, Episode 29: A Heavy Metal Wagon The Loop is the Podcast for Moebius Adventures Games

Welcome back to the Loop from Moebius Adventures! As our heroes prepare to visit with the Winter Queen the next morning, they have a few final hours to prepare for the journey. And you'd think downtime would be boring, but negotiating with a kid to borrow their little red wagon, detailing a tattoo on a Tattered officer, and capturing the ghostly husband of the skittish owner of the local pie shop would say otherwise! We're happy to report that Tattered Magicks is now available for ordering in electronic (PDF), softcover, or hardcover form at DriveThruRPG. Pick up your copy today! If you want to know more about Moebius Adventures, Aliens & Asteroids, or Tattered Magicks, you can find us on the web at moebiusadventures.com, aliensandasteroids.com, and tatteredmagicks.com. At our main site, you can find all our social media links. We'd love to hear from you! And if you have a few extra coins and want to help us out, we're running a Patreon page as well. Every little bit helps! And as always, we hope you enjoyed listening as much as we had playing! Music: https://www.purple-planet.com — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/moebiusadventures/message
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