A Pair of Tiny Dungeons

Continuing my delving into dungeons dark and random…

gaming_dice-300x300I’ve pulled together (as I like to do) a collection of random tables. They fall into the following categories:

  • Shape
  • Size
  • Number of Exits
  • Occupants
  • Purpose
  • Traps
  • Age
  • Exit Type

And in true Fitz fashion they’re pretty abstract and minimal. I expect to add more details over time, but just want to share a couple of small dungeons I came up with the other night…

The Almost Tomb of Vizier Serach

  • Shape (Rectangle) – Size (Small) – Exits (1) – Occupants (None) – Purpose (Entryway) – Traps (None) – Age (Months)
  • Exit 1 – Exit Type (Blocked)

That led to an interesting one-room tomb with a twist:

hieroglyph-maleWelcome to what was supposed to be the tomb of the Vizier Serach. It was the only tomb ever attempted by the architect Garophtep. He and his workers build a beautiful entryway of heavy stone detailed with beautiful artwork telling the story of the Vizier and his family who helped the young Pharoah in the early days of his reign. As the building crew began work on the downward corridor leading deeper into the burial chamber, they encountered a strange stone their tools were unable to pierce. Deep black like the eyes of Ptah, but smooth as Isis’ smile. They worked to find a way around it but funds were eventually cut off by the family and the room was sealed. The Vizier and his family were eventually buried in a communal tomb in the Valley of the Kings and forgotten along with their failed tomb builder…

GM notes: The gleaming back “stone” was actually the outer hull of a spacecraft buried in the sand some 10,000 years before. If anyone were able to send a particular wavelength of signal to the craft, a door would open in the exposed portion and a group of adventurers may be able to explore further…

An Ounce of Shade

  • Entry – Shape (Square) – Size (Small) – Exits (2) – Occupants (Single) – Purpose (Entryway) – Traps (None) – Age (Years)
  • Exit 1 – Exit Type (Corridor) – Size (Tiny)
  • Exit 2 – Exit Type (Blocked)
  • Exit 1 – Continues to… Exit Type (Stairwell) – Size (Small)
  • Room 2 – Shape (Square) – Size (Tiny) – Exits (1) – Purpose (Habitation) – Traps (None) – Occupants (None) – Age (Months)

nicubunu-RPG-map-symbols-Cave-EntranceNow we have a two room “dungeon” of a different kind…

After traveling for days in the harsh sun, you finally come across a stone valley with many nooks and crannies, but nothing that provides much shade until you discover the cave entrance. As a lone island out of the heat, you know better than to charge in without scouting around first. You find obvious signs of habitation including a small pile of bones picked clean and other trash.

Inside is a skinny but hyper-vigilant tiger who attacks as soon as you are within striking distance.

Deeper in the cave down a small ramp you find a small area the animal was using as a sleeping area. A mostly eaten rabbit carcass lay in the darkness and if you light the walls you find that this cave has been inhabited in the past – cave paintings show a a violent life of someone from long ago…

Moving on…

I clearly have a bit more work to do. It’s far too easy to end up with rooms that have no exits beyond the one you came in, so time to adjust tables a bit. Neither of these was particularly deep, though they both had dark elements. 🙂

But I like this as a start.


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