A New Playtest Begins…

We began playtesting Tattered Magicks on the first Tuesday in September 2019, which is more than two years since we started playtesting Aliens & Asteroids at the same place — our FLGS Petrie’s Family Games.

In that back room we’re going to be playing a brand new adventure featuring ghosts, faeries, and magick in a world much like our own. In fact, our brave heroes will be starting their journeys in the small town of Plunkett, Wyoming — an old mining town busy fading into obscurity. But something tells me it may be ground zero in a different kind of invasion.

We may not have aliens & laser weapons, but we do have a variety of types of magick users learning their craft as magickal energy begins to flow back into the world after fifteen centuries… Humanity may have forgotten most of their magickal training, but they’ve gained all sorts of new toys including firearms, explosives, and computers. Not quite as good as a ray gun, but a far cry from a simple sword or bow and arrow!

Will that give us a leg up in the coming confrontation? Only time will tell.

But let’s start at the beginning. Tattered Magicks is an Urban Fantasy game set in the present day or just a little bit from now. The modern world is as we know it, mostly oblivious to the threats coming from beyond our world.

The first question though is probably “why shift away from Aliens & Asteroids?” So we’ll start there.

Aliens & Asteroids was always one part of a three-pronged plan to rule the universe. That may sound grandiose, but ever since the mid 1990s, we have been obsessed with having a simple, universal role-playing game that enabled us to run and play games in any genre I wished to play. It was the dream of Sean and I from the earliest days of Moebius Adventures.

You could say that kind of infinite play is the genesis of the Möbius Strip we use as our logo. Stories never really have to end at the game table, right? We can just follow that tattered ribbon wherever the story takes us!

A&A offers a solid entry in the Science Fiction genre that will cover just about anything we want to do there. Tattered Magicks, the new game, will cover the Modern and Urban Fantasy genres, enabling us to do things like spy stories, vampire hunts, and ghost busting. And then the final leg of this stool will be a pure fantasy version of the game that we can use for tales of sword & sorcery.

The only other bit I might want to add are some cyberpunk elements, but I have some ideas on how to integrate that with A&A and TM as far as cybernetics goes, even if I’m not quite sure how to dive into things like hacking or cyberspace yet.

So with three main games, Moebius Adventures will have rules for Science Fiction, Modern, Urban Fantasy, and Traditional Fantasy. After that it’s just a matter of creating items, settings monsters, adventures, and mayhem for as far as the imagination can see. And as you might imagine, that’s a very long way.

Don’t worry, we have plenty of content in the works for A&A, so we’re not abandoning the future! But over the next few weeks I will be giving glimpses of Tattered Magicks and tales from the table as to how our playtesting goes. I suspect we’ll have some issues to work out, and I’m happy to share that journey for good and ill.

Hopefully you will tag along for the ride!

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