A Missing Mining Expedition Needs Your Help!

The village of Glarhur is a remnant of the boom times when mining in the mountains brought dwarves from far and wide to explore what the earth was willing to provide. As the veins became harder and harder to find, the miners had to find work elsewhere. As a result, Glarhur is a place where only the die-hards have remained and the most exciting thing that happened was the occasional bar brawl at Nan’s Brewstop – the local watering hole.

MnP - The Howling Mines of Khegek coverBut when a mining expedition goes missing after being sent to explore an old mine that may have a little left to give, it has the villagers in a bind. Are your heroes brave enough to discover what may have befallen our missing expedition?

The Howling Mines of Khegek is a short adventure from Vince Florio designed for 4-6 Mazes & Perils characters of 1st or 2nd level, but it can easily be adjusted for use with any edition of your favorite fantasy RPG. It includes a few new monsters, a new village to explore, and a few challenges in the winding passages of an old abandoned mine.

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This is the second adventure for M&P and definitely not the last. Be sure to check back for more Mazes & Perils goodies over the next few weeks!

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