A Few Updates

Hope you are having a great weekend! Over the last few days I have quietly done a couple of things here at Moebius Adventures…

LPC Fantasy Names II CoverFirst, I’ve released a new product: LPC Fantasy Names II. This names supplement offers a collection of 100 new names for your perusal, as well as a collection of 5 new transformation techniques. The possibilities are endless, especially if you add in some of the names and transformation techniques from LPC Fantasy Names I!

Second, I’ve added a new Random Generator to the site. Over the last few weeks I’ve been toying with ideas for an encounter- or “story-seed”-style line of products – Random Generator: Story Seeds. As a result, I came up with a method using three different tables to come up with random story seeds to inspire me. Well, I’ve moved that idea into a web page for my own use as well as yours! Give it a spin and see what you can come up with!

Have a fantastic weekend and I hope you get in some great gaming!

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