A Few Traps to Ponder

As I’ve spent some time working on the Treasure Hunter class over the last few days, it made me ask a question I really hadn’t asked yet for Mazes & Perils. We have a mechanic figured out for Finding and Disabling Traps now, but once the trap is triggered, does the PC have any kind of save against the effects of the trap?

After asking that question, the answer very quickly became… “um, nope!” And we definitely need to remedy that!

So I chatted with Vince a bit and here’s what we came up with: there’s always a Saving Throw to be had if you need it. 🙂

Find/Disable Traps

Though the Thief class has the Find/Disarm Traps skill, they’re not the only characters who can find traps before they set them off. Other characters just aren’t as skilled at it.

The simple Find Traps roll is a d6. Any character will find the trap if they roll a 1.

It’s even possible that a character could walk right past a trap and not set it off. We have an example in the book:

  • Many traps are simple, such as concealed pits in the floor or large, suspended dead weights that will fall down and crush any characters beneath. These types can sometimes be detected by a character passing over or past the device. Usually, though, a character is unaware he has even encountered one unless he accidentally triggers it…
  • … For these simple pits and dead weights a roll of 1 or 2 on a d6 indicates that the trap was sprung. The deeper the pit or heavier the weight, the more damage is done; 1d6 for each 10’ fallen, or 1d6 per 50 pounds of weight dropped upon the victim.

But what happens if they don’t find the trap? Well, it goes off!

The Trap is Sprung!

If the trap is sprung, the Saving Throw to be used varies based on the kind of trap it is. Here are a few examples:

  • Pit Trap: Trigger opens a pit in the floor beneath the feet of the PCs. Save vs. Dexterity to avoid falling in.
  • Dart, Arrow, or Spear Trap: Trigger fires one or more small darts, arrows, or spears from the walls, floors, ceiling, or chest to hit the PC. Save vs. Dexterity to avoid the physical damage of each projectile. Save vs. Poison to avoid any poison damage.
  • Blade Trap: Trigger releases a blade from the walls, floors, or ceiling to hit the PC. Save vs. Dexterity to avoid each blade in their path.
  • Closed Room Trap: Trigger seals an area and the room slowly (or quickly) fills with gas or water. Save vs. Dexterity to step out of the room before it is sealed. Save vs. Poison or Save vs. Breath Weapon to avoid being poisoned by the gas.

Obviously these are just a few of the more basic traps and many much more elaborate traps exist, but this should give you some ideas on how to handle traps in your M&P campaigns.

So let me ask this question… What are your favorite traps to include in dungeon crawls? And what is the most devious trap you have fallen victim to as a player?

I need to beef up my arsenal!

And stay tuned later this month for the Treasure Hunter class to join the ranks of other classes available for Mazes & Perils!

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