A Coat of Arms

Though many Holy Knights may choose to leave their armor and shields largely undecorated as they serve the divine powers that fight their battles through them, some may choose to share their allegiances more publicly with both allies and enemies. Some of those knights may have coats of arms they have created for this very purpose.

view-all-weapons-armour-view-all-knights-view-all-historical-ab0r4j-clipartThe number of divine powers a Holy Knight may choose from is nearly infinite. There are even more symbols for them to choose from. But I want to offer a few ideas here that may inform your decisions as to your own decorations.

I will pick three different possible deities from the world I’m working on currently and hopefully they can offer some possibilities.

  • The Light stands for unvarnished truth, honesty, and goodness.
  • The Moon stands for the ever-changing face of life, sometimes in the light and sometimes in the darkness.
  • The Void stands for secrets, lies, and the hidden.

How might a Holy Knight choosing one of these three aspects construct a symbology to use for decoration?

(If you haven’t heard, the Holy Knight is a new class coming soon to Mazes & Perils that combines the ferocity of a Fighting Man with the faith of a Cleric. And woe be to their enemies on the battlefield, for they have the power of the gods behind them.)

A Knight of the Light

  • A white shield featuring the golden scales of justice.
  • A golden shield featuring a hammer of truth.
  • A white shield featuring a golden sun.

In each case, the knight is serving the major tenets of the Light. Justice. Truth. Light.

m414bA Moon Knight

  • A white shield featuring a crescent moon in gold with the hidden portion of the moon in blue.
  • A blue shield featuring a crescent moon in gold with the rest of the moon in white.
  • A cascade of disks moving through the phases of the moon on a blue background.

The Moon signifies the changing face of life, where sometimes we have truth and other times we have secrets.

A Knight of the Void

  • A shield featuring a golden anchor on a black background.
  • A shield featuring a golden ring on a dark blue background.
  • A shield featuring a black disk on a white background.

The Void stands for the safety of the darkness. Anything can exist there until it chooses to be revealed.

A Few Symbols

  • m025aAnchor – salvation, hope, and religious steadfastness.
  • Angel – bearer of good news, dignity, honor, glory
  • Anvil – honor
  • Antler – strength/fortitude
  • Apple (fruit) – god’s goodness
  • Bay leaves/laurel – peace
  • Book – learning/knowledge
  • Bull – bravery, generosity
  • Calf – patience, humility, sacrifice
  • Castle – spiritual strength/vigilance
  • Crescent moon – hope
  • Cypress – death/eternal life
  • Dove – soul/holy spirit, peace, purity
  • Eagle – salvation, redemption, resurrection
  • Feathers – obedience, serenity of mind
  • Fish – genuine spirit
  • Hand – credibility, sincerity, justice
  • Heart – goodness & charity
  • Key – knowledge, guardianship, dominion
  • Lamb – faith, innocence, gentleness, purity, resolute spirit
  • Lion – valor
  • Owl – vigilance
  • Palm tree – righteousness, resurrection
  • Phoenix – resurrection
  • Ram – leader
  • Raven – knowledge, divine providence
  • Ring – fidelity
  • Rose – grace, beauty, martyr
  • Scales – fairness, justice
  • Shell – providence
  • Stag – harmony
  • Star – divine quality bestowed by god
  • Swan – perfection, beauty, grace
  • Sword & flame – purification
  • Thistle – pain & suffering
  • Trefoil – perpetuity, longevity
  • Tree – nobility
  • Tree stump – rebirth, worship
  • Unicorn – purity/virtue
  • Wheat sheaf – abundance, hope
  • Wings – protection


  • Gold – generosity/mindful
  • Silver/white – peace/sincerity
  • Red – warrior
  • Blue – truth/loyalty
  • Green – hope/joy/loyalty
  • Black – constancy/grief
  • Purple – royalty/sovereignty/justice
  • Orange – ambition
  • Maroon – patience/victory


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