Posted a Notice on

Hi all… I posted a notice on about the upcoming playtest version being available in early October… And within minutes, I had a reply! –Fitz

Updated NPC Stat Block #2

And here’s the other variation (you’ll notice the Armor & HP are separate). Which do you prefer? –Fitz Generic Villager Weapons: Quarterstaff (2H): +2 Strike/Parry, Damage Potential 9; Shortbow Arrows (20), Damage Potential 6; Shortbow:… Read More »Updated NPC Stat Block #2

Need opinion on NPC block for Sample Adventure…

Hi all… I’m trying to come up with a good format for condensing information for a NPC. Does this work? (Click on the link for a bigger version.) Does anyone have any other suggestions? –Fitz

Busy week!

Hi all… Thought I’d  let you know what an interesting week it’s been… 1) I’ve been in contact with an artist (Jason Adams – who may be doing some art for us — a… Read More »Busy week!

Moebius Adventures merchandise at Cafepress

Hi all! I’ve created a few pieces of marketing merchandise that’s available at my Cafepress store: Check it out. 🙂 –Fitz