31 Days of Halloween, Day 9

As I continue into the depths of October, it’s hard to believe we’re almost 1/3 of the way through the month already on this mad quest of writing. Each vignette comes from just a few key words and a little context, and I have to say the things my brain tosses out sometimes disturb even ME…

Today’s scribbles come from another exploration of the Big Book of Little Spaces: Haunts. This time I used the Abandoned Places tables and came up with Smell, Garden, and Reeking as my three terms. My muse came up with something that could be used in a modern, fantasy, or science fiction (apocalyptic perhaps?) setting…

“The Old Gardens on the outside of the city remain a refuge for the lost, abandoned, and homeless population in the area. Just outside the city wall by about a hundred yards, the metal and stone fence that surrounds the grounds has seen better days, allowing anybody in with a short hop or squeeze through the bars. But when everyone left overnight, the guard sent a small unit to investigate.

The first thing they noticed was the smell. The whole area reeked of death and decay. And the once beautifully groomed path that winds around the grounds now looks like an unkempt garden maze gone awry. The four person team quickly lost each other as they split up to find the source of the odor…

At the heart of the gardens, a wild beast has made its home and until recently had a ready supply of food among the indigent population. Nobody came looking and one victim after the next went missing until the stench of rotting remains wafted clear of the creature’s lair.

Unfortunately for the guard who found the lair, the beast was hungry after a day searching for a quick meal and finding none. His screams went unheard, lost amid the thick foliage…”

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2 thoughts on “31 Days of Halloween, Day 9”

    1. @Kenny – Thanks for the compliment! I actually wrote one of these up that was too graphic to post. I might include it in the final product that comes out of all these vignettes however. 🙂

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