31 Days of Halloween, Day 8

Today we explore a strange place for a haunting… a greenhouse. This came up by using the Big Book of Little Spaces: Haunts and the revised tables for Little Spaces: Ghostly Effects within. The original table for Ghostly Effects was simply 100 different potential odd things you might encounter in a haunted place, but the revision brought it more in line with the rest of the series. (Interested in the original product? Check it out here.)

Using the tables in the big book, I came up with a strange combination of details: Touch, Touch & Hearing; Plants; and Smooth, Uneven & Crinkle. Three senses offers a few more details to work with.

scary_ghost“The rain and heat outside the greenhouse made a strange, dense fog inside the building. And though some light filtered in through the windows, with the power out throughout the area it was very hard to see through the gloom. Anything could be waiting in this jungle under glass…

Once through the doors, the damp, smooth cement makes it difficult to keep your feet beneath you, especially since the floor tilts at a pretty good angle for drainage. Whoever built the place skimped on the niceties like having an even floor, which added to the difficulties. They didn’t skimp on the plants however. Every square inch is covered with flowers, vines, or branches, with leaves and petals of every imaginable color. Tough to see until you’re on top of them in the foggy darkness, but beautiful nonetheless.

But somewhere among the flora in this heat and humidity, something was rustling. It moved from place to place with alarming speed, crinkling a leaf here, breaking a branch there, shaking the water off the leaves in a shower right on top of you… You’d think eventually you’d see whatever was causing the ruckus, but that’s not the case…

Until the first disembodied spirit passes right through you, you see nothing. And as each of the dozen spirits accost you, you feel it might be best to flee. They aren’t trying to hurt you, but seem to be trying to scare you away or get your attention… Even so, the thought going through your head is not ‘where did all these ghosts come from?’ or ‘why are they attacking me?’ but ‘which way to the door?'”

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