31 Days of Halloween, Day 7

One more strange day of writing for Halloween… This time we entered the basement of a serial killer courtesy of Little Spaces: Scary Basements. And I have to admit that I was a little disturbed when I figured out what was in the jars my muse suggested based on the terms Taste, Glass, and Lumpy… It could be used in a straight modern setting with a bit of a scientific or urban fantasy twist…

Glass_Jar_of_eyesThough the suspect was nowhere to be found when police surrounded and entered his home with a warrant, detectives and CSI combed the place for any clues or hints as to the killer’s whereabouts. They called in the experts on the supernatural and strange matters when they discovered what twas in the basement…

Thirteen large glass jars were lined up on a work table down there, not far from an arcane circle sporting a variety of old symbols and a desk that must have been used as some sort of an alchemical workbench. But the glass jars were the disturbing part. They freaked out the CSIs to the point where a couple of them fled the scene entirely.

All but one jar was filled with a lumpy, flesh-colored mess. More odd was the strange swirl of motion that each seemed to possess. And when the jars were turned, the techs discovered human eyes floating and blinking in the fluid, staring quite at them with conscious panic. There were no audible sounds but whoever was stuck inside was aware of their situation.

The one empty jar hinted that the killer was out again, looking for one more victim. But each of the dozen turned out to be one of the already missing, alive and somehow boneless…

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