31 Days of Halloween, Day 6

140-graveyard-q75-1378x818As we continue the journey through October, things have become more and more gruesome. Today’s vignette came from Little Spaces: Gruesome Graves and involves Taste, Ceremony, Moldy, and Desecration…

Even as you watch from the shadows, you see four humanoid shapes at the four cardinal directions standing on the edge of an open grave. Each wears a robe made of dark cloth and chants in a low voice, rising ever so slowly moment to moment.

The smell of decay is overwhelming, even from your distant vantage point. Recent storms have given everything in the area a musty, moldy smell, but the odors of decomposition wafting from the grave itself make it even worse. You can feel bile rising at the back of your throat even as the voices crescendo and gain added enthusiasm.

The words mean nothing, but the intent and direction is somehow clear… they want this poor, dead soul to rise from his eternal rest…

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