31 Days of Halloween, Day 5

Day 5 already? Wow. How time flies!

Picture by Billie Mercer - billieblog

Picture by Billie Mercer – billieblog

Here’s today’s vignette, inspired by Little Spaces: Horrid Hallways. This is more of a straight-up horror plot, though it could be twisted easily into an Urban Fantasy, Dresden Files-style adventure. Rolling some virtual dice I ended up with two senses – Smell & Touch, the descriptive element of Neighbor, and the two descriptors Peeling & Pungent.

“Entering the hallway, the first thing that hits you is the pungent odor in the air. You can almost taste the coppery, salty, yet sweet tang of blood and a lot of it. As you approach your neighbor’s door, you can see strange little bubbles in the brownish paint which peel away as you run your hand along them, revealing a dull black sheen beneath.

The door is unlocked, but as you open it you are overwhelmed by more of the powerful scent of blood. The floor is covered in the drying, sticky gore and the walls are painted in strange, sanguine, arcane symbols.

What could have happened here?

One body could not have enough blood to coat the entire floor of the apartment, but where are all the bodies? You don’t see one, let alone enough to explain this scene…”

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