31 Days of Halloween, Day 4

Here we are at day 4 of my Halloween-themed challenge. Each day, I have been writing up a little vignette that can be used for your horror- or mystery-themed gaming session.

Obelisk (PSF)Today it was generated using the Little Spaces: Burial Mounds product, which uses a slightly different (more Insta-NPCs-ish) approach with a collection of tables guiding you towards a particular result. In this case, I ended up with: Monolith, Alabaster, Symbols, Uncertain, Tended, Single, Unknown, and Supernatural.

“Gleaming in the sun, the Mark towers over all else at the center of the City. The strange obelisk existed long before man built here and will likely last long after the City has been razed to the ground. Scholars have debated the strange symbols carved upon its alabaster surface for years and years, but can never quite agree on what it all means.

Even more strange is how the obelisk stays so perfect despite anything that goes on around it. When a local volcano erupted nearby, it covered everything in a fine layer of ash for weeks, yet every morning at dawn the obelisk would be wiped clean as if shined by hand. No one has ever seen the cleaning take place, but at dawn it happens like magic each day.

Once a year it thrums a single deep bass note, causing a minor tremor throughout the region. It usually does no damage and most people find it commonplace, though visitors are often caught off guard.

So when it pulsed a second time this year… and a third… people took notice. And now that it’s pulsing daily, people are alarmed.”

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Hoping to create your own ideas? Check out Little Spaces: Burial Mounds or any of the rest of theLittle Spaces line of products!

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