31 Days of Halloween, Day 30

We’re down to the last two days of my 31 Days challenge and the last two rooms of Heroic Maps’ Haunted Mansion (though I’m going to keep going to see what the full story becomes over the next few weeks). Today we go across the hall from the room with the cockeyed table and chairs and head into another storage room. As you might imagine, big old houses such as this one require a lot of storage, so I’m not shocked. It is a little odd that there’s no direct access to this room from the kitchen, but c’est la vie.

heroic-maps-haunted-mansionThis small (10′ deep by 15′ wide) room has one way in from the hallway and contains two upright, dusty barrels and a pile of three burlap or canvas sacks in the far corners. Again, there’s not much in here to give us hints as to what’s inside these containers, but I bet we can figure something out.

Based on what we know from the rest of the house, I’m going to offer this initial description:

“You open the unlocked door to this small storage room, feel a breeze and see the faded image of a child darting to hide behind a couple of barrels along one wall. The little boy is scared out of his mind, wide-eyed and whimpering as he tries desperately not to make a sound. You find out what he’s scared of a moment later when a small figure in ragged black clothing darts in with supernatural speed and grabs him, screaming, with clawed hands. As the dark figure huddles over the child, you watch his fight disappear before the clawed thing tucks the child carefully in its arms, like it would cradle a baby, and walks back out of the room… And then the vision ends.”

Now I’m curious as to what’s in those barrels and bags, so I pull out Little Spaces: Fancy Meals and roll on the sense, Food Descriptor, and Sense Descriptor tables to get some ideas…

The first time, I get Sight, Bread, and had to roll a few times to get something useful – Aromatic, Brewed, and then Stringy. I can use Stringy…

“The bags are full of baking ingredients that have long ago gone moldy or worse. If you poke your hands into one of the bags of yeast it appears to have bonded to some source of wetness and become stringy like a weak taffy…”

The second time I get Smell, Grain, and Overdone. That becomes…

“The barrels were once full of some sort of grain alcohol, now long past its prime. With a whiff, you can tell any enjoyment had from drinking from this aged barrel would have been decades ago.”

I’m wondering how this child got into the house, but suspect that they may have crawled through a window or found an open, unlocked door. Perhaps he was hiding from some trouble at home or entered on a dare. Either way, it didn’t end well for him and we’ll likely find his remains in the basement along with the guy we found yesterday. I’m liking the fact that each room gives us a glimpse into the story at different points in time…

Interested in more details about these mysterious supplies? Little Spaces: Fancy Meals may offer a few details to get you going down the right path.

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