31 Days of Halloween, Day 3

Here we are at day 3 of my Halloween-themed challenge. Each day, I will write up a little vignette that can be used for your horror- or mystery-themed gaming session. This time it even seems a bit Doctor Who inspired, so it might fit into a modern or science fiction context or even a fantasy world…

The Goddess Nike (Wikipedia)

The Goddess Nike (Wikipedia)

It comes from the supplement Little Spaces: Abandoned Places. I rolled Touch, Remains, Flat, and Occupied.

In the foggy darkness, you come across a small statuary in the middle of town. With no fence to stop your strides, you find yourself standing next to a statue of a winged figure done in amazing detail and holding a vicious mace. However, you are startled by finding at your feet the remains of a smaller statue smashed flat into hundreds of tiny pieces. A collection of other statues stand nearby in various poses of alarm or surprise…

Even as your gaze is drawn to their small stony faces, the whisper of stone sliding on stone is the only hint of danger and you barely move in time to avoid being smashed to bits yourself by a quickly moving mace – the same mace held by the statue you’d seen only a moment before.

What sorcery is this that brings such a scene to life? You would debate the issue further with yourself, but perhaps another time when a large statue isn’t attempting to stove your head in…

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