31 Days of Halloween, Day 29

With only 3 days left in the challenge, we’re down to 3 rooms (my count was off yesterday) on the first floor of the Haunted Mansion from Heroic Maps. Today’s room is on the front of the house and holds some intriguing clues to its part in the story.

Wooden_TableWith two doors, one from the entryway another from the hall, this room has a few pieces of furniture and other bits:

  • A cockeyed table and three jostled chairs on another of the fancy rugs our interior decorator seems to favor.
  • A fireplace in one corner.
  • A small wooden chest in one corner.
  • A window looking out into the front yard and another to the side of the house.
  • Directly across the hall is a door to the cellar.
  • And the strangest bit – a set of drag marks on the floor leading from one corner of the rug towards the hallway door.

With those clues, I am left with more questions than answers:

  • What was dragged?
  • Why are the drag marks white?
  • What happened to knock the table and chairs out of place when all the others are neatly aligned on this floor?
  • What’s in the chest?

The map hints suggest a struggle happened here. I’m going to go so far as interpret this to be the location of the crone’s first victim. Her first *human* victim anyway. (Sorry my porcine friend who was butchered in the kitchen a couple of days ago.) Though I could use a Moebius product, I think I have plenty without adding anything else…

“This front room may have served as a place of business or meetings more formal than occurred in the drawing room or dining room. But even open the door and look in from the hallway, you notice the signs of a struggle. White drag marks glow on the floor, even in the flickering light of the fireplace, slowly turning red before your eyes. They move towards you in the doorway and then pass beneath your feet to the door behind you…”

As to the rest of the details, the crone came upstairs from the cellar (perhaps after her maidservant had passed away of old age) to confront someone in the room. There was a short combat as her hunger gave her the strength to overpower her victim, who hit his head on the edge of the table and was knocked unconscious but bleeding. She dragged him out the door and into the basement where I suspect we’ll find his remains along with a few other souls unlucky enough to enter the home…

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