31 Days of Halloween, Day 28

Only a few rooms left on this floor of the Haunted Mansion (thank you Heroic Maps!). But today is going to test my skills. When is a room just a room?

johnny_automatic_wooden_barrelIn the top left corner of the map, off the west side of the kitchen and just north of the hallway is a storeroom with five or six very cobwebbed barrels of some sort. Though I’m going to guess that it’s ale rotting in the barrels, I’m going to say instead that the old crone liked her wine – red wine in fact, so she could enjoy her own “special” glasses from her maidservant while her guests were drinking her fermented wine. She had to keep up appearances, you know?

This brings up another interesting story element however… If she was investigating her husband’s murder, she might whittle through the family fortune, getting more and more desperate until she was willing to make a deal with dark forces to continue well past her mortal resources.

Different contents for those barrels might significantly change the storyline… What if Mr. Duvard really liked a particular brand of hard liqueur such as whiskey or rum? Or what if these folks were a bit more backwater or hillbilly and enjoyed moonshine or bathtub spirits? Some of the parties in the drawing and dining rooms might have gone quite differently with those in the mix, don’t you think?

The little details, such as the type of alcohol can “flavor” the scenes and the backstory quickly.

Let’s stick with the wine angle for now and I’ll end up with something along the lines of the following…

“This musty, dusty storage room has seen little recent use, but still holds a small stack of aged barrels in one corner. Tapping one tells you at least a few still hold liquid treasures. If you pour a glass, the wine pours thick and red, like blood. You can almost imagine the parties where every guest consumes this sanguine liqueur and discusses the issues of the day by firelight…”

Keeping it simple here.

We still have two rooms to go on the main floor as well as a crypt… We’ll save that for last!

No Moebius products were used in the making of this description… Just a bit of writing elbow grease. 🙂

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