31 Days of Halloween, Day 27

For the last few days we’ve been working through the ground floor of the Haunted Mansion map (by Heroic Maps) one room at a time. We started at the front door, followed a blood trail from the entryway into the drawing room, then found our way to the dining room yesterday. Today we find ourselves in the kitchen.

rg1024_two_knifesThe kitchen is interesting not just because there is some work space and a cauldron for cooking here, but because of the many entrances. It appears that there are four doors (one to a storeroom, one to the back of the house, one to the hallway and one to the dining room). Also in this room is a table with a few candles and the other side of the fireplace that we saw in the dining room (with space for a cook pot on this side). But nothing else. Very bare and utilitarian towards the end. I wonder if it once held more tables and preparation space to handle the demands of a large family.

I’m honestly not sure how to use this space in the story of the haunted house. There are few clues to even hint at bits of the story. Neither Little Spaces: Fancy Meals or Little Spaces: Dinner Guests really offered me much that can help this context. But I thought I could use the updated “Ghostly Effects” table from the Big Book of Little Spaces: Haunts to perhaps shed some light on the area…

So with a few die rolls I ended up with:

  • Sense: Smell
  • Descriptive element: Weapons
  • Sensory descriptor: Noxious (Smell)

That leads me to this:

“It’s obvious that this room was once the kitchen, though it’s seen no action in a very long time. A fireplace in one corner casts flickering light across the floors and walls, as do the few lit candles burning on the table. Hanging above the table on the wall are a collection of old, worn knives, rusty and stained from years of exposure. But even as you watch, the knives begin to glisten with a reddish viscous liquid that starts dripping into puddles on the table below. There is no source for the blood, but it continues dripping until the table is covered and the pool runs to the floor. The noxious smell of the pig blood evokes flashes of image in your mind of a middle-aged woman gutting a pig and draining all its blood into a large bowl and then pouring it into a fancy goblet and walking out the back door…”

Shudder. It’s one thing to butcher an animal for a meal and quite another to drain it of blood, stick the blood into a fancy goblet, and carrying it off… Where was it bound? Perhaps the dining room? Or perhaps the cellar?

Interested in more details from the Big Book of Little Spaces: Haunts? Its collection of twelve tables may give you just what you need to fill in the blanks in your latest adventure…

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