31 Days of Halloween, Day 21

We’re down to the last ten days of this challenge and the dice just keep rolling… Today we’re back visiting Little Spaces: Gruesome Graves for some ideas.

A few die rolls give us:

  • Sense(s): Taste, Touch, Smell
  • Descriptive element: Stone
  • Sense descriptor(s): Broken, Uneasy, Rough
  • Current state: New grave being dug

And that leads to…

“The uneasy feeling between storms has settled over the city and a strange pall has settled at midnight. The smell of rain lingers, though you feel the urge to walk in the open air before the next wave hits, and you find yourself heading towards the stone garden at the city center. Filled with standing, marked stones of different sizes and ages, you are drawn to the oldest marker – a rough hewn stone broken ages ago – and see a strange sight.

A cloaked figure is digging a hole in the soft, damp earth at the stone’s base next to a large canvas sack on the ground. As the individual turns as you approach, his face gives you pause. The old man was struck violently and an ugly scar runs diagonally from right eye to left cheek, leaving the nose a void in the middle. He smiles at you with his good eye and a toothy grin, cackles softly, and continues digging while you watch…”

Multiple things arise here… First, I love the concept of a stone garden at the center of town. Civilized areas are often built around much older monuments. What’s the story behind this one? And second, a crazy old man digging a hole to bury something at the base of one of these markers can’t be a good thing. What’s in the bag? What madness will this event kick off? Is it a grave or is he burying something else?

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Hoping to create your own ideas? Check out Little Spaces: Gruesome Graves or any of the rest of the Little Spaces line of products!

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