31 Days of Halloween, Day 20

Today we have another monster from an upcoming product…  Insta-NPCs #?: Monsters Most Foul will offer a way to create some interesting beasts to occupy your worlds.

starlings-flockWith just a few dice I came up with this combination of ideas to play with:

  • Environment: Air
  • Form: Feathers
  • Movement: Fly
  • Purpose: Contagion
  • Motivation: Hunger
  • Tools: Claws

That led me to this:

“In the wide open spaces of the Abbon Plain, flocks of Dooni Birds terrorize anyone and anything caught without cover. These birds carry the Doon plague, a disease with no known cure. They attack their prey en masse, wait a day or two, and pick the carcass clean, as they are totally unaffected by the disease they carry. The only thing keeping the disease from spreading is their relatively small numbers, the sheer size of the Abbon Plain itself and a lack of ample prey.

Desperate merchants occasionally attempt to send armored caravans across the Abbon rather than going around, but few have survived.”

Imagine if the PCs encounter the remainder of a small caravan on the edge of this broad expanse, with a member of their crew dying horribly of this incurable disease. Or what if there’s a ruin somewhere in the middle of the area the Dooni flocks roam just ripe for the picking… how creative will the PCs get?

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Hoping to create your own ideas? Check out any of the other Insta-NPCs products and keep an eye out for new ones!

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