31 Days of Halloween, Day 2

In case you missed the first of these posts, I’ve started doing a horror- or mystery-themed vignette each day of October to help fuel your RPG adventures with a description, event, or NPC you can use at the table…

cgbug_Halloween_Large_Dead_TreeToday we use Little Spaces: Creepy Copses to come up with a three-part random combination… Sight, Tree, and Decomposing.

“At the edge of the Wild, denizens have begun seeing and sensing the signs of succumbing to the Withering, a strange disease affecting all living things from deep in the Land of the Dead.

The clearing you find yourself standing in is ringed by trees dropping leaves and shedding bark. As each piece falls, it withers to an ashy black consistency until finally dissolving into a black dust. The “Withering Dust” as it has come to be called spreads via the wind, quickly migrating from place to place, destroying entire swaths of countryside along the way. Some of the more isolated farms and ranchlands at the foot of the mountains were among their first to be hit and their residents had to flee for their lives.

There are rumors of animals, transformed by prolonged exposure to the Dust, wandering the desolation in a crazed state, tearing anything alive in their path to pieces… And in a strong storm, witnesses have spoken of dark clouds swirling  in funnel clouds on the horizon, pushing forward like a wave of death and despair.

Is there any hope to stop this madness?”

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Want more creepy descriptions? Check out Little Spaces: Creepy Copses or the Big Book of Little Spaces: Haunts and stay tuned for whatever horror tomorrow brings!

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