31 Days of Halloween, Day 19

Today’s vignette will be a little different. Though up to now I’ve explored many of the products Moebius Adventures has already produced, today I’m going to offer a taste of a possible new product on the horizon… Insta-NPCs #?: Monsters Most Foul will offer a way to create some interesting beasts to occupy your worlds.

Watcher in the Water (LOTR)

Watcher in the Water (LOTR)

With just a few dice I came up with this combination of ideas to play with:

  • Environment: Water
  • Form: Scales
  • Movement: Swim
  • Purpose: Protection
  • Motivation: Family
  • Tools: Tentacles

That led me to this:

“Loch Valari rests high in the mountains far from mortal eyes. Deep, beautiful, and cold, yet somehow it is always well stocked with fish for the local hawks and eagles. Beneath the surface lies a surprise for any seeking the real reason for the lake’s existence. At the bottom lay one of the ‘Ways’ into Godhome, guarded by a tentacular horror – a true Deep One.

When the Gods came to the world, it was not empty. Other things were here first, reluctant to give up their home. Though the battle saw heavy losses on each side, the outsiders eventually won and a few of the old guard remained and swore fealty to the new.

One of those was the Guardian of Loch Valari.

In return for the safety of her brood, she guaranteed that none would enter Godhome through this back door into their realm. And so far that promise has been kept…”

This has all sorts of potential. I might imagine a crew of thieves attempting to rob the gods, learning of this back door, and finding some way to enter unnoticed. The guardian might be fierce, but as with all things can potentially be distracted long enough for one or two beings to slip through beneath the waves.

But as with Odin’s vault in Asgard, I suspect there are things stored in Godhome that the Gods likely prefer stay hidden. Should the vault be breached, perhaps one of those things could slip out and return to the mortal realm unnoticed by the would-be thieves… and like Pandora, loosing things upon the world we didn’t necessarily need to know about…

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