31 Days of Halloween, Day 18

Here’s another product I haven’t looked at for a while… Insta-NPCs #1: Motivation, Attitude, and Appearance. With a handful of words, I came together with an entire twisted story that could be part of a Supernatural episode or possibly one for the new Constantine show coming up.

tom_Haunted_House_The three terms were:

  • Motivation: Justice
  • Attitude: Informed
  • Large

And I came up with this:

When Charlie Bench figured out what was going on next door, he called the authorities. They laughed at him. Then he called the press. They discredited him as a hack and then laughed at him. But he knew what was going on. Something evil had taken over his neighbor’s house, but everybody said he had just moved away suddenly. Charlie knew better. He needed to do something! So he decided he was going to take care of it himself if nobody else would…

Though he already had several blogs about the supernatural he posted to weekly, he started a new one called “Horror House Watch” and described his observations daily. He set up infrared and normal light cameras in every window he had on that side of the house and live streamed the feeds to his site. He even set up long range listening devices and pointed each at one of the old glass windows on the haunted place so he might hear something going on. Special software processed each day’s recording and got rid of all the silence so he only shared the “good stuff” with the Internet.

This went on for weeks… and then, everything went crazy. One morning as he was listening to the previous day’s recording, he heard a very faint voice… ‘Charlie… we know you’re watching… we know you’re listening… if you wanna play, come on over… if… you… dare…’

That was the last straw. He geared up with all the ghost hunting equipment he had acquired for just such an emergency and walked next door.

He was never heard from again… until his neighbor began seeing strange lights and hearing strange sounds coming from Charlie’s house late one night.

One after another the houses on the block were infected by the ghosts of their previous owners until nobody was left alive at all.”

Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters! Or Sam & Dean. Or your favorite local urban wizard or Sorcerer Supreme…

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