31 Days of Halloween, Day 17

tomb-doorAs we progress into the month, with only two weeks to go, I’m enjoying exploring some of the products I haven’t looked at for a while. One of my favorites is Brick by Brick: Doors and I was quickly able to use the worksheet to come up with:

  • Purpose: Keep it out
  • Purpose descriptor: Decoration
  • Placement: High sill
  • Door shape: Rectangle
  • Maker: Craftsman
  • Reason made: Rage
  • Material: Gold
  • Construction type: Double door
  • Method of Opening: Swing
  • Automated or Manual: Manual
  • Lock/Closure type: Barred
  • Door condition: Broken
  • Door state: Open
  • Age: Eons old

With such a collection of fun ideas, what would my muse come up with today? How about this…

“As you proceed down the hall, your torchlight reflects off something shiny and gold at the end. Getting closer, you see a huge double door with the frame easily 15 feet high and 20 feet across. The right-side door has been battered down and trod upon and you find flecks of gold leaf scattered across the walls, floor, and even the ceiling. Something wanted in very badly. The left-side door stands tall and proud, glinting like the sun. These doors have been here, lost to time until recently. Apparently you are not the only ones looking for the treasure beyond.

Peering inside the broken entryway, you notice three things…

First, the footprints in the soft metal of the battered door are huge. But you only see one set of prints.

Second, the doorway was barred from within, so whatever knocked it down must have been massive and strong.

Third, the glint of white teeth in the darkness beyond hints that whatever knocked it down is waiting inside… for you!”

I can definitely see using this as a location description for an adventure written for my daughters. Who knows what’s inside? I just know that it’s big, ugly, and ready for a fight. Can the PCs say the same thing?

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Hoping to create your own ideas? Check out Brick by Brick: Doors or any of the other products!

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