31 Days of Halloween, Day 16

For some reason today’s vignette hit me from an odd angle. I used Little Spaces: Fancy Meals to see if I could take a meal-related description and twist it to something Halloween-ish and by George I did just that. It even came out in a kid-friendly way so if you’re looking to run an adventure for children, this might be a fun bit to build an adventure or encounter around…

johnny_automatic_witchSo with a handful of dice I ended up with these main bits to work with:

  • Sense: Smell and Hearing
  • Element: Kitchen
  • Descriptor: Grilled and Smooth

And I ended up with:

“The depraved witch was exceedingly proud of her latest home renovation project. Her new oven had two bays and none of the awful squeaking sound she’d had to endure opening and closing the old oven when cooking her prey. This one opened smooth as silk with nary a sound. But today she was trying out the stovetop grill option she’d read all about in her oven manual.

A child, presumably lost (though he may have just been selling magazines or candy, she was never sure these days) had found his way to her door, cold and chattering. She made a show of helping him, encouraged him to eat part of a cake she had baked earlier to test the oven, and then knocked him out cold with a frying pan.

Now she was enjoying the sizzling smell of rendered fat as she rolled him over to get those great grill marks on each side… She wanted to make a good impression when she served dinner to her witchy friends later…”

Twisted? Definitely! Classic? How can I go wrong by being a little inspired by the Brothers Grimm?!

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Hoping to create your own ideas? Check out Little Spaces: Fancy Meals or any of the rest of the Little Spaces line of products!

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