31 Days of Halloween, Day 15

Almost halfway through the month and still going strong… Today we use Little Spaces: Dinner Guests and with a few die rolls came up with the following elements:

  • Gender: Undecided/Undetermined
  • Sense: Touch
  • Descriptive element: Business owner
  • Sense descriptor: Cold

horsemanAnd I used the Tavern, Inn, and Pub Name Generator (Mithril and Mages) –  to generate a tavern name.

The potential encounter I wrote is as follows:

“Having a pleasant dinner at your old watering hole, the Smoking Horseman, you can’t help but notice when a figure comes through the door covered head to toe in a thick hooded robe. The folds of fabric disguise any sense of gender and hide any weapons or the usual indications of wealth and power. Though it’s strange, the usual roar returns that accompanies this usual crowd getting drunk, full, and happy, so you go about your evening.

Later that night, as you wander from table to table to visit with friends, you notice the strange figure still wearing the robe despite the fact that body heat and a roaring fire has the temperature inside the tavern quite warm already. Walking past, you overhear a business transaction and think nothing of it until the individual shifts and brushes against you. One finger lightly touches your arm and your body temperature drops ten degrees in an instant.

Who is this person? And what business have they at the Horseman?”

This could play out in all sorts of interesting ways. The figure could be a wizard, an elemental, a demon of some sort, or something else… And what happens if they grab the PC’s arm with an entire hand? Could they freeze solid in a matter of minutes? Is it contagious? Is it deliberate? And is the being male, female, hermaphroditic, or completely asexual? What sort of business would such an individual own? Refrigeration?

The other side of course is wondering what the PC would do. Freak out and attack, most likely. 🙂

I hadn’t thought of using Little Spaces: Dinner Guests in quite this way, but it shows the flexibility of the Little Spaces approach. I interpreted the details in a way more fitting a Halloween writing challenge than a typical dinner party.

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Hoping to create your own ideas? Check out Little Spaces: Dinner Guests or any of the rest of the Little Spaces line of products!

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